It is very difficult to choose the top 5 when talking about Seychelles beaches. Tastes are different, but for us the beauty of a beach is more important than the possibility to go swimming. Check out our Seychelles Beach Rating if you you are intersted how we rate beaches. Here are our Top5:

Our clear Nr.1 for the most beautiful beach of the Seychelles is Grand Anse on La Digue. Being photographers we like its breathtaking scenery. More info, photos and videos of Grand Anse

Our Nr. 2 is Anse Intendance on Mahé. This beach is extraordinary beatuiful. The only downside: it usually is very wild. But if you are lucky and the water is calm, it is hard to beat. Need more info about Anse Intendance?

The third most beautiful beach of Seychelles in our opinion is Anse Source d´Argent. It used to be more beautiful years ago, but some palm trees have become victims of the rising sea levels. Also, it is getting more populated over the years. More images and info about Anse Source d´Argent

Number 4 of our list ist Anse Lazio. You might be surprised to not find it higher in the list, but the popularity of the beach is so high that more and more people find their way to this beach. Also the swimming area enclosed by buoys may have its right to exist, but it´s not particularely beautiful. Check out our images and description of Anse Lazio on Praslin.

The fifth list in our Top 5 beaches of Seychelles, is Baie Lazare. Why did we choose this beach rather than others? It has something special to it. But as we said in the beginning there are at least a dozen beaches that could make it into the Top 5. Ten years ago, our list would have been a little different. We guess everyone has his own preferences. Check out more infos and images of Baie Lazare on Mahé