Here is some random knowledge that might interest some. These are not really tips, but perhaps they are interesting enough to read. Nevertheless, we will try to develop this section of rather useless knowledge in the future.

They make every beach perfect, yet they disappear every now and then - what makes palm trees hang over a beach and why do they disappear sooner or later? There are some myths about it - like people walk on it and the palm trees tip over, or they grow towards the light. The truth is: the sea is eroding the beach during different seasons. The roots of the palm trees get washed out and that causes them to tilt. When the beach comes back during the next season, you wonder why in the world the trees grow tilted. This is very common especially on smaller coral islands when the beach wanders around the island in the course of a year. But it can also be seen on the beaches of Seychelles granite islands. Unfortunately, sometimes erosion is just too much and in recent years several palm-trees on well-known beaches like Anse Takamaka on Mahé, Anse Source d´Argent and Anse Cocos on La Digue and even on Anse Lazio on Praslin.

seagrass or seaweed is growing in the shallow lagoons near many beaches and is absolutely natural. Depending on the season, weather, wind and the side of the island, seagrass can be washed ashore. It may disturb your view of a pristine white sandy beach. But don´t be disappointed, on the other side of the island, it may be different. Keep in mind that seaweed on the beach is totally natural. Tiny animals love and need it to find food. Seahorses in the sea and hermit crabs or other crabs on the beach. Small birds also find insects or other yummy things in it and even turtles tend to eat from swimming seaweed.

If the seaweed is dry, take your sunbath a few meters away because mosquitos tend to love it too ;-).