Supermarkets, Shops, ATM, Takeaway

The possibilities for buying food supply are great, especially for a small island like La Digue. The biggest supermarket is the STC in the Gregoires building on the road behind La Digue Island Lodge. There is an ATM from Barclays outside and a pizzeria. In La Passe close to the jetty there are some smaller stores, shops for buying souvenirs and an ATM (from MCB).

A branch of Barclays Bank including a cash machine outside the office is also situated in La Passe.

Milenas shop has a good choice of various things, from food to 5-litre water canisters, …. to screws and pots ;-)

Shortly after the T-crossing coming from La Passe going to Grand Anse on the right and to Nid d´Aigle on the left is another small supermarket.

Scattered around the island are a few takeaways. Some come and some go, but you´ll always find enough opportunities.