Grand Anse

Grand Anse on La Digue for us is one of the most breathtaking beaches not only on the Seychelles. It is wide, wild and beautiful. Most of the time, there is quite a surf and waves crash at the sandy beach, leaving a white squall every few seconds. A big sign reminds you that going into the water may be dangerous due to strong currents. So this beach is not the perfect location if you want to teach your kids how to swim. However, the sheer beauty of this place is way worth the time it takes to get here, and you can always get your toes wet before you might consider proceeding to Petite Anse, or Anse Cocos. Be sure to read our Anse Cocos Trail description or watch the video that will soon be online on our youtube channel.

Our Beach Rating for Grand Anse on La Digue