Anse Cocos Trail

To reach the beautiful Anse Coco beach on La Digue, you have to walk from Grand Anse via Petite Anse through lush green vegetation up and down the diverse path for about 45 minutes, depending how fast you go or how many stops you make to enjoy wonderful outlooks or a bath in Petite Anse (if the waves are not too high). It´s more a little hike than a walk and you will be sweating a lot, but it´s definitely worth it. Be sure to have enough drinking water with you, because you are off civilisation at this part of La Digue.

You can´t really miss the starting point in Grand Anse. The small path is right on the beach, heading to the north (left). You´ll walk over a beautiful pond with granite rocks on the left and amazing tropical vegetation before the track becomes steep and guides you up into the forest. After a short hike up and down again you´ll arrive at the amazing sandy beach of Petite Anse. If you want to make sure not to miss the path further to Anse Cocos it is best to immediately turn inland right at the beginning of the beach. Depending on when the path has been last cleared of growing branches, it might be quite broad and easy to walk or rather narrow. Over a tiny „bridge“ you walk towards an open area with grass, before again the way leads you up into a magnificent forest. This time a little longer than the first time, but relax and enjoy the lush green vegetation of ferns and beautiful trees. Arriving at sea-level again, you should see a wooden sign that welcomes you to Anse Cocos. Take the path to the right and a fantastic tropical bay is waiting for you after a few meters. At the end of this nearly 500 m long sandy beach, you´ll find a small sheltered bay behind huge granite rocks which is usually great for having a bath. You can go into the water on other parts of the beach too if the waves are not too high, but please keep in mind that at times there can be dangerous currents, just like on Petite Anse and Grand Anse, so better stay close to the beach and read our notes about beach safety.

There is not much shadow at Anse Cocos, one tree at the beginning where the path reaches the beach, another in the middle of the beach and a little at the small bay at the end, but all depending on the time of the day of course.

Watch our video about the Anse Cocos Trail, It will help you to find the way.