Seychelles are a tropical destination and the reason why nature is so lush green is, that it rains at times. Let us give you a few tips what you can do when it is raining on Seychelles.

The easiest way to enjoy your time on Seychelles rainy days is terrace of your room. Listening to the falling raindrops is even more relaxing that listening to the waves, you just have to let loose!

Seychelles is a tropical paradise. If it rains, you really should get into the rain forest, which is close by almost anywhere on the islands. Enjoy the amazing silence and the falling drops - with or without umbrella

Another Highlight for rainy days is Le Jardin du Roi. You shouldn´t forget your umbrella though! Wandering through this awesome garden with amazing views is especially beautiful on rainy days. More info about Le Jardin Du Roi.

La Plaine St. André is the rum destillery of Takamaka Rum. Beside the destillery, the area hosts a restaurant and a bar in beautiful colonial style. If you like to know how rum is produced, we recommend the guided tour across the whole area followed by a rum tasting All that in a beautiful location where you´ll feel set back hundreds of years. So if you want to see more but beaches during your stay in Seychelles - you really should consider La Plaine St. André.