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let our beach rating help you decide where on the Seychelles you would like to book your hotel. We rate the beauty of the beach, how good it is for swimming and bathing, how easy it is to access and how crowded.

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Seychelles have a lot to offer beside its famous beaches.What about a hike to a fantastic granite plateau with an awesome view?

4 Top 5 seychelles beaches

Creating a ranking of the beaches in Seychelles is really tough. Some of them are regularely voted among the most beautiful beaches of the world. Other jewels are rather unknown. Here is what we think are the 5 top beaches of Seychelles.

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It is obvious that it can´t always be sunny in paradise - where would all the green come from otherwise. But what to do on those rainly days when in Seychelles?We have some recommendations for you.

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