Traffic & Transport

Seychelles roads are left-hand-drive. Be sure to drive carefully. Especially if you are not an experienced driver, driving on the other side of the road sometimes is like writing with your other hand. The roads on the Seychelles are rather narrow and sometimes really steep and curvy. If you are not sure whether they are made for you, you´d better take a taxi. Talking about Taxis - especially if you have just a day on an island, it might be wiser to take a taxi and ask the driver to show you around rather than renting a car. On Mahé and Praslin there is a public bus service which is an experience to be had. Unfortunately, the schedules are sometimes a little weird. Between the islands, there are ferries, like the Cat Cocos and the Cat Roses. If you like the sea you might also consider spending a few days on a yacht or taking a cruise. Between the islands, you can also take an inter-island flight with either a smaller plane or a helicopter. Read more at "Travelling within the Seychelles".