Telephone & Internet

The mobile telephone network is rather good. Internet access is OK, but speeds are not what you are used to from other "non-island" countries. You have to share Seychelles overall bandwidth with quite a few others, especially in the evening. Many hotels have free wifi, others charge for internet access. You can get into the net via your mobile phone. As with calls, keep in mind that you have quite high roaming costs. SMS, on the other hand, is rather cheap. If you plan to make a lot of calls within the Seychelles during your stay, consider buying a prepaid kit - especially when you have a contract-free cell phone with you. One more word on roaming: if you have your voicemail activated, you already pay when somebody is talking onto your mailbox. You donĀ“t even have to call your own mailbox to listen to messages or answer a call and already pay roaming fees. The top-level domain for the Seychelles is ".sc" and country calling code is +248.