Beau Vallon Beach

The touristic hot spot on Mahé. Many different hotels, self-catering apartments and other facilities at various prices are threaded along the road and the green hills behind this wide sandy beach. You can find restaurants, shops, along with providers for water-sport activities, boat trips, excursions and even a casino.

The continuous stretch of Beau Vallon is an about 1,5 km long sandy beach, if you take the whole bay interrupted with some granite rocks it is more than 2 km.

The fine sandy beach slopes gently down to the sea. The main part is free of corals and therefore perfect for swimming. You can find lots of shadow under the trees starting at noon.

For us, Beau Vallon is not the typical Seychelles beach. It has a slight European touch, but if you are looking for a long sandy beach with all comforts close by, or if you are travelling with small children, this might be your place. If you are looking for peace an tranquillity choose one of the many other Seychelles beaches on Mahé.

Our Beach Rating for Beau Vallon on Mahe