Anse Takamaka

Situated in the beautiful south of Seychelles main island Mahé, Anse Takamaka used to be one of the most picturesque beaches in the Seychelles. Sadly some of the overhanging palm trees (read more about overhanging palm trees) on Anse Takamaka have been washed out by the surf. Leaving a still beautiful beach, but losing some of its past attraction. New ones will grow, promised ;). If you´d like to get a print of the perfect look that beach had once - we are preparing a webshop for prints - you can contact us in the meantime for individual requests. The beach is around 400m long, spotted by some takamaka trees and the typical granite rocks. At the southern end of the sandy beach, there is a typical Seychellois restaurant which belongs to the small Hotel Chez Batista and serves very good fish. If you ever wanted to taste a red snapper right on a beach, this is the place to go.

Access to the water is pretty good. There are some coral blocks and stones in the sandy lagoon, but you can find ways to into the water, especially near Chez Batista. Waves are usually rather gentle, so this beach is good for a day on the beach with your family.

Parking is limited, but Anse Takamaka is right along the very calm road that circles Mahé, so it is very easy to access by car and taxi.



Our Beach Rating for Anse Takamaka on Mahe

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