Guided Tour Anse Marron

To walk around the south of La Digue from Grand Anse to Source D´Argent, pausing at beautiful Anse Marron is absolutely fantastic. Because the path is not always easy to find and also depends on the tides, we advise you to take one of the local guides to enjoy a wonderful day hiking along La Digues amazing wild coast. We went with Robert Agnes, who was a very nice and knowledgeable guide. We can definitely recommend his service. He prepares a big plate with all sorts of food for everyone and always has a helpful hand and lots of info during the trip. Usually, at the end of the trail you´ll wade back to Anse Source d´Argent through hip-deep water, so be prepared.

Don´t forget to take enough drinking water with you and put sunscreen on with very high protection (for a whole day out in the sun on the Seychelles we always take factor 50 - it doesn´t hurt, promised).