L´Union Estate Park

L´Union Estate is a natural heritage site in the south of La Digue covering a few acres of land and the famous Source d´Argent beach. You have to pay a little fee at the wooden kiosk at the entrance and are welcome to spend a whole wonderful day there. Blocks are available if you´d like to come more than once during your stay. Learn a little bit of La Digues history and visit the old cemetery with the white tombstones of the first settlers, the traditional copra mill and kiln or the original plantation house. Walk through the amazing coconut and vanilla plantations, say hello to the giant tortoise in front of huge granite boulders and pass by the old boatyard. After finishing the cultural part of your stay, you can head on to Anse Source d´Argent, the famous beach that is regularly voted among the most beautiful beaches in the world. So L´Union Estate is definitely a highlight of La Digue!