Beach Safety

The beaches of the Seychelles are a great place to be, but take a few precautions to keep them in your memories just like that.
As on every other beach in the world with higher waves it is wise to walk out of the water, keeping an eye out on the ocean. Sometimes a surprisingly high wave might crash ashore and grab your sunglasses, fins, shoes etc. A few minutes snorkelling on Anse Lazio made us the owner of two pairs of sunglasses, so it does happen! That´s not the worst though. Especially on the beaches with higher waves, like Anse Intendance on Mahé or Grand Anse on La Digue, you can get seriously injured by waves if you don´t take care.

On many of the Seychelles beaches, there might be currents at different times of the year. Please take the warning signs seriously.

For your own safety, there are one or two friendly policemen or women on the main beaches to keep an eye on you and your belongings. However, don´t leave your valuables at the beach or in the car unattended. You wouldn´t do this on a beach in any other country either, so don´t panic and enjoy your holiday ;-).

Don´t rest right underneath a coconut palm-tree and be aware of falling coconuts. There is a saying that more people around the globe get killed by coconuts than by shark attacks, and there is some truth in it. Also, don´t park your car under those trees - many insurances don´t cover the costs of falling coconuts.

Unlike many other destinations, there are hardly any parasols on Seychelles beaches. Another reason why they are so attractive to the eye of the visitor. Some of them do have natural shade, others don´t. So be sure to use sunscreen and avoid the sun at noon.