Eden Island

You can easily reach Eden Island over the bridge from Providence Highway around 200 meters off Mahe between the airport and Victoria. If you go by car you can park one hour for free in the parking garage. If you´d like to stay longer, rates are really low. Besides the area of luxury private villas where the entrance is prohibited, (except you would like to buy or rent one) there are shops, restaurants and a supermarket, where they sell good bread if you would like to eat something other than pure white bread. An ATM is also in the shopping complex near the supermarket and so are toilets. The Eden Island Marina is the home of hundreds of yachts, reaching from small boats to impressive big ships. Take a fresh fruit juice and a snack in one of the restaurants on the terrace facing the marina and have your jaws drop.

The best view at Eden Island, of course, is from above. There is a viewpoint on the road to Grand Anse or you can do a hike on the Copolia.