Baie Lazare

Forming a beautiful half moon bay, just north of Anse Takamaka on Mahé, Baie Lazare is an about 2 km long sandy beach, divided in two by a few granite rocks right in the middle. On one part you can find the villas of the Kempinski Resort widely scattered in a garden behind the beach, the other part is easily reached from the coastal road. Corals are coming near the beach almost all along, but depending on the tides it is good for relaxing in the shallow water. There is one place that is almost coral free where you can easily access the water. Watch our video about Mahé beaches, our aerial view of Baie Lazare will give you a good impression.

If you would like to get to the other half of Baie Lazare you have to take the road around the Kempinski Hotel. Follow the main road to the north and drive left at the junction after the petrol station. After a while, you have to turn left and follow a very narrow road. Be aware, opposing traffic is nothing you´d want on this road, so if you don´t feel comfortable using your reverse gear, you´d better skip this part of Baie Lazare and watch it from the top of the rocks that divide the two parts.

If you are keen enough and managed to drive to the beach, you can park your car there and follow the dirt-road to Anse Government. That´s something we plan for our next trip.

Our Beach Rating for Baie Lazare on Mahe