Anse Sévère

Anse Sévère is an increasingly popular beach close to the northern tip of La Digue. Going there, don´t be surprised to drive right through a hotel. The „Le Domain de L´Orangeraie“ is situated on both sides of the road. At high tide, Anse Sévère is a really nice place to swim. At low tide, the water barely touches your ankles. Anse Sévère is one of many examples on the Seychelles, how a few palm trees that used to bend over the beach can change the look of it completely (read more about bending palm-trees) The two palm-trees you see on the sunset image, unfortunately, don´t exist anymore? Compared to other beaches, Anse Sévère offers some nice and shady places to hide from the sun and the surf is usually rather soft.

Our Beach Rating for Anse Severe on La Digue